Learning is a Competitive Advantage

Docebo Learning Platform (LMS) is focused on changing the way people learn through a cloud-based, user-friendly technology built for the modern learner. Docebo and Skillslive offer companies and their employees or customers a learning ecosystem that increases performance and learning engagement. Designed to power a cohesive L&D strategy, Docebo’s AI powered Learning Platform has been embraced by more than 1,600 companies and 6 million users in over 68 countries: All thanks to its elegance and ability to blend formal, social and experiential learning.

Docebo and Skillslive bring together the enterprise LMS you need, the social learning experience your learners want, and the power of Artificial Intelligence to make learning your competitive advantage.

Docebo is transforming how employees, customers and partners learn with artificial intelligence and the learning platform is getting recognised for it, with multiple industry awards and analyst recognition.

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Automate Learning Management (LMS)

Centralise, manage and organise learning activities, while creating beautiful experiences that employees, customers, and partners will keep coming back to, with Docebo Learn LMS.


Facilitate social learning in the flow-of-work

Reverse the “forgetting curve” by facilitating social learning as it happens, in the flow of work with Docebo Coach & Share. Artificial Intelligence makes sure user-generated content finds its way to learners who will value it most.


Make learning mobile

Exceed learner expectations by satisfying their desire to consume learning content at their convenience, on the go and on the device of their choosing with Docebo’s mobile learning platform.


Extend learning reach

Engage and align partners to your brand, products, and services; boost customer adoption and product renewal; and increase the value of membership programs, within a single environment or via multiple domains, customised for each audience.


Explore learning content from a new perspective

Access the complete Docebo Content 700-course library, directly within your learning platform, Spend less time creating content, eliminate technical integrations and bring relevant engaging and mobile-ready learning content to your learners, sooner.

Embrace Intelligent Enterprise Learning

Docebo AI-powered learning technology elevates the learner experience by producing deeper personalisation, while automating menial, time-consuming tasks for learning platform administrators. 

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Discuss the range of Skillslive products and services with a Learning Specialist

Skillslive LMS is known for its simple and elegant, yet powerful user interface for learners and administrators alike. Our learning management system produces an unparalleled user experience that puts your content and your learners front and centre to drive engagement and keep them coming back for more learning.

Many organisations feel a necessity to focus on their core business activities and, thereby, find change management an endeavour that is difficult to justify. For these organisations, Skillslive offers a variety of add-on services to assist. These include general and technical consultation, staff training, instructional design and course authoring.