Unleash your online learning potential with Elucidat. Create innovative, high-quality eLearning courses at scale and across multi-devices has never been easier. We've made it simple so that everyone can produce training materials that are truly inspirational for the learner. Skillslive, together with Elucidat will do the heavy lifting. A powerful authoring tool, in-app support and a dedicated global customer success team.


Produce eLearning Easily

Make it easy for anyone in your organisation to produce training, from subject matter experts to face-to-face trainers. Let the Elucidat platform do the heavy lifting. Use ready-made blueprints or start from scratch to produce awesome mobile-friendly eLearning faster. Whether you’re new to digital learning or a seasoned pro, our professional services team are here for you


Work Efficiently at Scale

Get more people across your business producing great digital learning. Team-level permissions, brand control, reusable assets and localisation tools make it easy to manage digital learning at scale. Lean on our team of experts for advice on how eLearning can fit as part of your blended programs. We’ll empower your team to succeed at scale.


Move Quickly for Faster Impact

Accelerate your shift to digital learning and manage the large changes in your organisations better. Up skill your trainers to be digital learning experts. Get expert support to adapt your face-to-face training for the online world. Build, update, reuse and roll out your eLearning in a fraction of the time using Elucidat.

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What is a LMS?
An LMS (Learning Management System or eLearning Platform) is a learning software designed to deliver, track and certify online courses and training. Learn more…
What is eLearning?
eLearning allows the online delivery of training with real time tracking of training results, optimising time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.
What is Instructional Design?
Course design based on learning objects that result in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Assess needs, process design, developing materials and evaluating effectiveness. Learn more…
What is SCORM, AICC & xAPI?
SCORM and AICC are international standards for tracking eLearning activities. xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) is the Learning Objects new standard.