Confidently conduct credible online tests anywhere, anytime.

ProctorEdu is a highly advanced, yet easy to use, learning technology that assists organisations to identify and monitor online participants remotely to ensure the authenticity of the examination and assessment process.

ProctorEdu makes it possible for an organisations workforce or an educational institution and their students to securely participate in fair and credible examinations. A remote proctoring platform that ensures academic integrity for your courses with your test-takers' privacy in mind.


Online Assessments

Confidently conduct online exams effortlessly and securely with ProctorEdu. A highly interactive online assessment software suitable for university, secondary education and business. ProctorEdu makes it possible for students and educational institutions from around the globe to take and conduct fair and credible admission tests. We extend opportunities for everyone to make education more accessible.


Automated Proctoring

Remotely verify your participants' identity and monitor their behaviour during an online assessment. Automatically identify suspicious activities and act as a deterrent to prevent instances of academic dishonesty. Each proctored test entails identity verification, behavioural tracking and cloud back-up. Rule out identity fraud. Protect the integrity of your online courses.

LMS Integration

ProctorEdu allows easy and quick integration with the most recognised Learning Management System LMS on the market today. Online proctoring is a critical piece of an end-to-end online testing solution. We've made it easy to connect third-party applications, with the ability to seamlessly integrate your existing learning technology. A cloud-based solution offers a truly efficient solution to the problem of proctoring exams on a large scale.


Finally, it's possible to confidently conduct online examinations and assessments with peace of mind.

Online proctoring has rapidly become an essential requirement for organisations to achieve the expectations of a remote workforce and the millennial learner. With the continued growth across online learning and assessments, there is also a growing need for learning departments, educators and training professionals to confidently maintain exam authenticity and integrity.

ProctorEdu enables administrators of online assessments the ability to create secure testing environments by deterring and preventing instances of academic dishonesty. Proctoring software features verify participants identity, lockdown web browsers, and monitor examination behaviours during the test.

ProctorEdu is widely accepted as the leading online proctoring software in the delivery of best practices. Adoption of online proctoring has been deployed by a diverse range of organisations that deliver exams online, including universities, credentialing bodies, and businesses.



  • Personal Privacy Protection
  • Data Security Compliance
  • Identity Verification
  • Monitoring & Intervention
  • Suspicious Behaviour Analysis
  • Real-Time Incident Alerts
  • Facial Recognition
  • Browser Lockdown
  • Report Generation

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