Skillslive enables on-demand education and contextual learning, collecting data and presenting analytics and insights to provide a 360° view within an organisation’s learning ecosystem.






Skillslive lives and breathes a philosophy of customer intimacy and is committed to discovery, originality and entrepreneurship. We will provide professional and consulting services to deliver a deeper understanding of current systems, with a clearly defined set of activities, deliverables and dates.


Instructional Design

Our authoring tool is supported by a range of content and question types, creating course material and assessments that are experiential and are exportable in SCORM and xAPI formats. If you don’t have the time to create these on your own, engage our specially trained Instructional Design team to rapidly deploy your courses. Simply send us the content and we’ll create the learning experience!


Educators, Learners, Staff, Volunteers – in fact all platform users – will benefit from tailored face-to-face seminars to equip them with the skills and knowledge to navigate and use the platform to its full potential. We travel to you for group or individual platform training.


Change Management

Our philosophy is that successful LMS implementation has a lot to do with planning. With the right plan, and a critical path with a clear set of dates, your organisation is well positioned to ensure complete and effective uptake of the new system. Allow us to assist you with change planning, training, cost-benefit analyses and a future product roadmap.


Skillslive is a proud Value-Added Reseller of Docebo LMS. Ask us about Docebo Extended Enterprise, Coach & Share, Learn and astounding AI features.

Docebo Partnership