Docebo Dominates Brandon Hall Group Awards 2019

The Docebo Learn LMS continues to be recognised by industry publications and analysts as the best enterprise learning technology platform. Transforming how employees, customers and partners learn with artificial intelligence powered learning technology and Docebo are getting noticed for it.

Skillslive is a valued Docebo Australian Partner across the Asia Pacific Region. The Docebo learning platform is your key to an automated, personalised and unparalleled enterprise learning experience.

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Welcome to Momento Hospitality

Skillslive is delighted to congratulate Momento Hospitality on its Docebo Learning Management Platform (LMS) release, now ready for deployment.

Momento is a highly dynamic player in the Hospitality industry in New South Wales, operating six venues throughout Sydney’s burgeoning Northwest. Learning and Development (L&D) is an important part of Momento’s strategy, with a strong focus on the education and professional development of their employees in “The Momento Way”

Skillslive was able to deliver “The Momento Way” through our collaborative and consultive approach to meeting our client expectations.

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Why You Should Purchase a Learning Management System (LMS) Through an Authorised Reseller

Purchasing a Learning Management System is a huge navigational task in and of itself. The last thing you need is for someone to add a new level of complexity… right?

Say, for example, the revelation that “Our company isn’t the actual developer of this software. We’re actually a reseller.” Sound like a disadvantage? Well, dig deeper and you may find it’s the best news you’ve had all week!

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Skillslive Impact | DEEP Deployment for Plan International ANO

Skillslive Learning Management System combined with business analysis and learning consultation deploys the Digital Education Empowerment Platform (DEEP). A Global Child Protection Platform designed and developed for Plan International ANO.

Does your organisation work with children? Get in touch to find out more about how DEEP can be applied to your organisation's child safeguarding procedures, streamline operations and build a better child protection culture.

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Skillslive Social Impact "Technology for Good"

Skillslive was established with a view to becoming a world-leading Learning Management System preferred by organisations with the need to disseminate knowledge based learning to a large numbers of stakeholders. Given the myriad advantages of utilising technology to reach a broad and diverse audience then the ability to create positive social change is something we that are passionate about, as we work towards influencing digital transformation. In addition to this, the company maintains Social Impact as a key Corporate Social Responsibility objective.

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Skillslive Celebrates Seven Year Anniversary with L’Oréal ANZ

Skillslive Learning Management System (LMS) continues to inspire Education for the worlds largest Hairs & Beauty Brands across the L’Oréal Professional Products Division Australia and New Zealand. The impressive portfolio of brands includes L’Oréal Professional, Matrix, Redken, Kerastase and Shu Uemura with all being recognised as the innovation leaders within the L’Oréal Group globally, for the adoption and use of digital education technology.

Since 2012, Skillslive has been evolving the Digital Education Platform capabilities exclusively with L’Oréal PPD Australia & New Zealand. L’Oreal continues to lead in the execution of Education Best Practises combined with exceptional results and a positive return on investment.

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Skillslive Active in the Not-for-Profit Sector

Skillslive is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic partnership with Digital Education Empowerment Platform (DEEP) which is actively engaged across Australian organisations in the not-for-profit sector. Skillslive has donated intellectual property and provided access to our technology solutions in order to increase learning engagement while enhancing individual learning outcomes. The broader view of this project is to improve organisational and whole sector performance.

DEEP has been formed to design, develop and commercialise a bespoke software platform for the not-for-profit sector. DEEP Pty Ltd is a company established as part of Loft Ventures Pty Ltd, with an established portfolio of technology companies focused on global opportunities though cloud infrastructure and scalable technology. 

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Skillslive shakes hands with SAP for L'Oréal PPD

L'Oréal Professionnel, Matrix, Redken, Kérastase and Shu Uemura will soon enjoy seamless LMS integration between the Skillslive LMS and L'Oréal's accounting software, SAP. Finding efficiencies for clients has long been a focus of Skillslive and API projects such as this one are a key part this aim. This integration alone is anticipated to save L'Oréal Professional Products Division many hours of onerous data entry.

Naturally, a considerable portion of the SkillsLive-SAP integration project is the application of business rules to ensure consistency with PPD's payment policy and procedures. The Skillslive team knowledge and experience in the field of business process mapping and software design, development and deployment to ensures each of these intricacies is addressed to the highest quality standards.

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Our Learning Ecosystem Approach and Benefits

Since the first iterations of LMS platforms the supporting and surrounding technology has improved far beyond the expectations of the original pioneers of digital learning. These improvements are what enables us to integrate vastly more data, drawing from a range of systems to create a platform that permeates and records what we term as a ‘Learning Ecosystem’. More than a fixed environment, the word ‘ecosystem’ implies complex interactions, interdependencies, structured communities and a space in which the ecosystem exists

A learning ecosystem presents the best opportunity to engage across the entire organisation, its sources of relevant structured or unstructured data, which is mostly disparate, and between the individual or the communities in which personnel conduct their day-to-day activities.

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Skillslive Working in the Child Protection Space

For any organisation that deals with children, their protection must be the utmost priority. Nothing precedes this and within this immutable and indispensable objective, the implementation of policy, procedure and record-keeping are a vital part. These things are the providers of consistency, predictability, oversight and management for the organisation; without them, we are flying blind, running entirely on trust.

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." - John F. Kennedy

Skillslive is delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the child protection space. Skillslive will implement the skills, knowledge and experience of its staff in the development of workflows and digital deployments that free staff and volunteers with rapid, worry-free on-boarding and empower administrative staff with records as well as big data and analytics at their fingertips.

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Skillslive Launches EngagePro Application 2018

Workforce Advantage EngagePro application delivers engagement transformations across organisations. EngagePro makes learning accessible, motivational and relevant to each individual and their operating environment. EngagePro acts as a personal on-line coach. Managers can access program information, tips & techniques, peers and mentors when they need to, wherever they are.

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Skillslive Consultation and Technology Solutions for the Building and Construction Services Industry

Skillslive consulting services was recently engaged to provide insights and analysis for the design and development of a building and construction services application. The Skillslive engine was chosen as the best fit for purpose and it's ability for seamless integration of third party API's and bespoke development work to be undertaken.

OneSite will centralise information and workflow management to complement or replace existing legacy systems. The result being a significant reduction in the time required towards capturing, managing and reporting information and issues throughout a project lifecycle.

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