You really ought to purchase your LMS through a reseller. Here’s why:

Purchasing a Learning Management System is a huge navigational task in and of itself. The last thing you need is for someone to add a new level of complexity… right?

Say, for example, the revelation that “Our company isn’t the actual developer of this software. We’re actually a reseller.” Sound like a disadvantage? Well, dig deeper and you may find it’s the best news you’ve had all week! Read on to find out why:

1. The research is already done for you.

The majority of the heavy lifting in sourcing a suitable LMS is in assessing the available options. As far as Skillslive is aware, there are over 700 LMS products on the market. And we’re probably unaware of a whole bunch more! If you’ve got the time to check all of them - or even the top 20 - then great. If not, remember that a good Value-Added Reseller (or “VAR partner”) already knows the market and has chosen to partner with its best available offering.

If you’d like to know more about Skillslive’s decision to partner with Docebo, just reach out - We’d be delighted to walk you through our decision criteria.

2. You have the backing of two separate entities.

Consider how a software vendor is motivated to see the success of your eLearning project on their platform. Now imagine the results you can achieve when *both* the vendor and an entirely separate company want to see your project succeed. We’re all in the journey together.

3. There’s local support.

While the convenience of SaaS and off-the-shelf software has become indispensable for many organisations, wouldn’t it be great to have a phone number to call? Especially when that phone line is available during hours that are friendly to your business. Check out our location: Your reseller might even be just down the road!

4. You gain a service partner in your eLearning project. Think content!

A sufficiently resourced VAR partner will offer a wide range of services beyond the sale of the LMS. From installation through to launch, ancillary services, such as the sourcing of eLearning content, or authoring of bespoke content, integrations with other software, data migration, LMS managed services, a VAR partner can be so much more than just a reseller. Further still, having walked you through the implementation process, a VAR partner is likely to have a deep understanding of your system, your brand and the overall requirements of your eLearning project.

In additional to its own custom learning software, Skillslive is a proud Value-Added Reseller partner of the Docebo learning platform (just in case you hadn’t noticed!) and we work with our clients to produce learning experiences that end users absolutely relish.  To find out how we can help your organisation do the same, just drop us a line. Or call - We’re probably in your timezone after all!

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Image credit: Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash