Skillslive Impact | DEEP Deployment for Plan International ANO

Skillslive Learning Management System combined with business analysis and learning consultation deploys the Digital Education Empowerment Platform (DEEP). A Global Child Protection Platform designed and developed for Plan International ANO.

The DEEP platform solves a global problem across organisational child protection and not just for for Plan International. When we first began to engage with Plan International Australian National Office (Plan International ANO), we learned about an on-boarding process that was onerous, slow and inherently complicated. In fact, workshops held just to map out the process took many sessions over many hours. This is understandable when you consider the involvement of multiple departments, steps and checkpoints.

The complexity of on-boarding staff at Plan International ANO cannot be avoided. Where child safety is at stake, nothing could be more important and there is sound reasoning behind every aspect of the procedure. This same complexity is also set against a background of compliance, involving both state and federal laws and organisational policies - Once again, absolutely indispensable considerations for an organisation whose compliance is critical to its operations.

What we can challenge, however, is the methods used to achieve this. The move to a digitised process allows for vastly improved efficiency, more robust and readily retrievable records and greater satisfaction amongst the staff engaging with the process.

Product Design Process

DEEP’s response to the problem statement follows a standard process. By working closely with Plan International ANO, we began by mapping out the child safeguarding procedure for onboarding in precise detail. From here we worked through project documentation, leading, ultimately, to a functional specification that details exactly how the software should function, including every condition, dependency and status of a participant’s child safeguarding compliance required to enable the software to replicate the incumbent procedure.

Plan International ANO had full visibility of the functional spec and provided regular feedback right up to the beginning of the development cycle.

Agility has also been a key factor during the process. Despite all parties’ best efforts to delineate and define the procedure, conditions can always be forgotten or omitted, semantics may change and procedural or legal changes can appear to undermine development. Our experience in software development foretold these challenges and DEEP’s approach, from the first engagement by Plan International ANO, a degree of flexibility has been factored into the development.

Future Product Roadmap

While the current release of DEEP is a fully workable solution for the use case outlined, we are far more excited about where we can take it in future. Improvements in eLearning technology enable us to create a Learner Experience (LX) that is immersive, engaging and even tailored. Imagine an LX that is uniquely tailored as determined by every individual learner’s risk factors, such as gender, level of contact and role. Branching scenarios, conversation simulations, gamification, process interactions are all on the map for the next release.

The future product roadmap of the broader platform also includes enhanced reporting, data and analytics for management, a compliance heat map, beefed-up security features, bulk user operations, more automation, tailored workflows for different countries and much more. There is no shortage of ideas. Nor of commitment.

There is nothing wrong with doing things on paper: Indeed, this is a perfectly satisfactory way of recording. The value proposition is simply that digitisation of this process brings multiple, and very compelling, benefits to the organisation. DEEP is delighted to be a part of this journey.

Skillslive and DEEP on the World Stage

Image - Mel Sleap at ICT4D 2019 in Uganda, presenting the DEEP solution on the Safeguarding plenary panel.

Image - Mel Sleap at ICT4D 2019 in Uganda, presenting the DEEP solution on the Safeguarding plenary panel.

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