Skillslive Launches EngagePro Application 2018

Workforce Advantage's EngagePro Application 2018 Delivers Engagement Transformations across Organisations


"Engage Pro makes learning accessible, motivational and relevant to each individual and their operating environment"



Engage Pro acts as a personal on-line coach. Managers can access program information, tips & techniques, peers and mentors when they need to, wherever they are:

  • Learning occurs through insights, experimentation, and socialisation

  • Individuals shape and adapt generic benchmarks in ways that fit their environment

Interactive Planners are an important feature and enable individuals to translate theory into daily practice; plan and monitor their development; and share accountability for their learning experience.

Core Curriculum

Our guidance is organised into a core set of tiles displayed on the home page. Each tile includes a complete set of guidance relevant to the topic. Tiles or sub-topics within any tile can be de-activated if not deemed relevant to the specific program objectives. The tiles are organised in a sequence and serve two distinct purposes:

  • Row 1 topics connect managers to each other and build the capacity of managers to lead:

    • Target core knowledge, attributes or skills they need to develop

  • Row 2 topics connect managers (and their new capacity) to the workforce:

    • Target standards of practice that are considered relevant to the enterprise

    • All managers are expected to apply the standards

Customisation & Embedment

Local Program Designs

The specific requirements of "workplace leadership" should be defined at each enterprise:

  • This clarification is the start point for local application

  • The requirements can exist in a Leadership Framework or be developed through the program

With the requirements in place, our universal guidance can be considered for its relevance, emphasis, and specific application

  • Experience suggests they will have application in most instances

  • In no way does this guidance restrict or out rule other areas where group capacity or practices need to be developed, so that will be confirmed as part of the local design

Local Stewardship

Ideally, the leadership agenda is owned and maintained by line management; corporate HR/OD remains a key player as advisers and promoters of the new arrangements. Each level of management (senior-middle-front line) has a distinct focus area and requirements to make the system work 

  • Senior Executives play an important role as lead sponsors; sponsorship in this context includes updating prevailing management forums and incentives to give sufficient attention to leadership development

  • Senior (mid-tier) managers take on a significant role as line coaches and monitors; middle managers are the conduit between senior and front-line managers so are best placed to provide this contribution

  • First (front) line managers become public face of the new disciplines in their work with peers and staff; being closest to service delivery, it falls to the front line managers to demonstrate their commitment and buy-in to the new or improved brand of leadership

Local governance means confirmation of specific roles and accountabilities to support program deployment with the organisation.

Learning Cohorts

Learning cohorts simply refers to sub-groupings of participants. The establishment of cohorts creates "learning peers" who work together and support each other in their learning. Cohorts are beneficial where there are large numbers of participants, or where there are distinct requirements to be achieved.

Dedicated Mentors

Mentors are an important part of the support arrangements. Key aspects of the Mentor role include: 

  • Clarifying and co-ordinating aspects of program delivery

  • Providing objective and trustworthy support and advice in a neutral environment

  • Encouraging the individuals to build their level of confidence and self-respect

Mentors will be the primary contact for each cohort; and importantly, options exist for utilisation of internal Mentors.

Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Program monitoring includes scheduled examination of several lead indicators captured in our platform's reporting system:

  • Individual's progress in leading collaborative exchanges

  • Individuals' investment in strengthening their personal influence

  • Individual and group perceptions of value being generated (to them, and to the workplace) through the deployment

To the extent possible, program monitoring also includes examination of linkages between these lead indicators and leadership performance:

  • “Performance” here refers to tangible gains in key result areas that are important to the business, including quality, employee engagement, and productivity

  • Assessment on performance is necessarily done jointly with each client, and utilises their prevailing measurement data and systems


Skillslive Digital Learning Solutions

Skillslive is a learner-centric Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS) that is designed to help organisations increase learning engagement while enhancing an individual’s learning outcomes and improved organisational performance.

Skillslive enables on-demand education and contextual learning, collecting data and presenting analytics and insights to provide a 360° view within an organisation's learning ecosystem. SkillsLive contributes to creating visibility across an organisation, its employees and contractors, plus aligning learning pathways with professional development, competencies, compliance, certification and accreditation.

Skillslive remains innovative and at the forefront of education technologies. Focusing on corporate learning ecosystems and the benefits that big data will contribute to creating visibility across an entire organisation at a local and global level. Additionally, the utilisation of cognitive systems that are able to exhibit adaptive, proactive and emotive behaviour. When implemented in support of educational activities a connection between communities and the process of learning, content delivery, assessment and collaboration can all be individualised, measured and presented in an enterprise dashboard. What drives this process is a common cognitive framework that humans use to inform their decisions: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Decide.

The Skillslive digital learning solution identifies with the need for a software application upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of education and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.

Skillslive Pty Ltd was recently acquired by Loft Ventures Pty Ltd. Loft Ventures has a portfolio of technology companies focused on global opportunities though cloud infrastructure and scalable technology. Skillslive was formed to execute a global commercialisation strategy for the Loft Group Digital Education Platform.