Skillslive Active in the Not-for-Profit Sector

Skillslive forms a Strategic Partnership to Develop the Digital Education Empowerment Platform (DEEP) 

Skillslive is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic partnership with Digital Education Empowerment Platform (DEEP) which is actively engaged across Australian organisations in the not-for-profit sector. Skillslive has donated intellectual property and provided access to our technology solutions in order to increase learning engagement while enhancing individual learning outcomes. The broader view of this project is to improve organisational and whole sector performance.

Skillslive is the preferred LMS & LRS engine for the Digital Education Empowerment Platform (DEEP). The platform will be adapted and customised to meet the business process requirements of the not-for-profit sector with particular reference to the on-boarding of staff or volunteers and develop compliance tools. These project requirements are combined in a modern digital learning platform tailored to engaged organisations and to the NGO sector more broadly. DEEP Founder, Sophie Shugg has led early discussions with key stakeholders within Australia, who have all identified the potential for the platform.  

"Skillslive will power the application engine allowing for rapid development of a minimum viable product for ongoing product trials within the not-for-profit sector. Our goal is to support the needs of this sector and develop technology solutions that can be scaled and diversified across the not-for-profit sector. The end product will allow NGOs to educate and assess compliance of much larger numbers of staff and volunteers." Evan Chapman, General Manager of SkillsLive.

DEEP has been formed to design, develop and commercialise a bespoke software platform for the not-for-profit sector. DEEP Pty Ltd is a company established as part of Loft Ventures Pty Ltd, with an established portfolio of technology companies focused on global opportunities though cloud infrastructure and scalable technology. 


Skillslive is a learner-centric Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS) that is designed to help organisations increase learning engagement while enhancing an individual’s learning outcomes and improved organisational performance.

Skillslive enables on-demand education and contextual learning, collecting data and presenting analytics and insights to provide a 360° view within an organisation's learning ecosystem. Skillslive contributes to creating visibility across an organisation, its employees and contractors, plus aligning learning pathways with professional development, competencies, compliance, certification and accreditation.

Skillslive remains innovative and at the forefront of education technologies. Focusing on corporate learning ecosystems and the benefits that big data will contribute to creating visibility across an entire organisation at a local and global level. Additionally, the utilisation of cognitive systems that are able to exhibit adaptive, proactive and emotive behaviour. When implemented in support of educational activities a connection between communities and the process of learning, content delivery, assessment and collaboration can all be individualised, measured and presented in an enterprise dashboard. What drives this process is a common cognitive framework that humans use to inform their decisions: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Decide

The Skillslive Digital Learning Solution has identified with the need for a software application upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of education and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.

Skillslive Pty Ltd was recently acquired by Loft Ventures Pty Ltd. Loft Ventures has a portfolio of technology companies focused on global opportunities though cloud infrastructure and scalable technology. Skillslive was formed to execute a global commercialisation strategy for the Loft Group Digital Education Platform.

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