Welcome to Momento Hospitality

Skillslive is delighted to congratulate Momento Hospitality on its Docebo Learning Management Platform (LMS) release, now ready for deployment as of the 1st of September.

Momento is a highly dynamic player in the Hospitality industry in New South Wales, operating six venues throughout Sydney’s burgeoning Northwest. Learning and Development (L&D) is an important part of Momento’s strategy, with a strong focus on the education and professional development of their employees in “The Momento Way”, a key set of values, attitudes and behaviours that reflect those established by its founders since the company’s beginnings in the 1970s.

As Docebo’s Value-Added Reseller Partner for Australia, Skillslive is proud to be partnering with Momento and we look forward to a fruitful working relationship.

Learning and Development (L&D) is the lifeblood of business growth and longevity. Skillslive brings the technical know-how to make eLearning outcomes and objectives a reality. Our experience and knowledge extends across Learning Management Systems (LMS), with specialisation in the implementation and deployment of the Docebo Learning Platform, Course Authoring and Instructional Design to meet client expectations. Skillslive Learning Consultants will guide your organisation’s learning experience to ensure continual improvement. From engagement through to reporting, analytics and data visualisation, we’re with you all the way.

Any Learning and Development L&D Manager who has run the gauntlet of assessing a Learning Management System (LMS) will be familiar with at least two main problems: Firstly, that there are literally hundreds of Learning Management System (LMS) products on the market; with no clear differentiation between. Secondly, that, once the procurement is complete, you’re on your own.

What Skillslive does is (1) provide the best Learning Platform, and (2) couple this with world class eLearning content and the latest learning and data technology to create seamless Learner Experiences for our clients and reporting for management. Additionally, since we’ve already researched the Learning Management System (LMS) market, we can save you the time! (Read more)

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Skillslive Digital Learning Solutions

Skillslive is a learner-centric Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS) that is designed to help organisations increase learning engagement while enhancing an individual’s learning outcomes and improved organisational performance.

Skillslive enables on-demand education and contextual learning, collecting data and presenting analytics and insights to provide a 360° view within an organisation's learning ecosystem. SkillsLive contributes to creating visibility across an organisation, its employees and contractors, plus aligning learning pathways with professional development, competencies, compliance, certification and accreditation.

Skillslive remains innovative and at the forefront of education technologies. Focusing on corporate learning ecosystems and the benefits that big data will contribute to creating visibility across an entire organisation at a local and global level. Additionally, the utilisation of cognitive systems that are able to exhibit adaptive, proactive and emotive behaviour. When implemented in support of educational activities a connection between communities and the process of learning, content delivery, assessment and collaboration can all be individualised, measured and presented in an enterprise dashboard. What drives this process is a common cognitive framework that humans use to inform their decisions: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Decide.

Skillslive is a Docebo Value-Added Reseller Partner for the Asia Pacific Region.

Skillslive by the numbers:

  • €26.93 billion | Annual turnover (2018) of Skillslive’s largest client

  • 50,000 | Number of off-the-shelf course titles available to our clients via premium catalogue

  • 5,000,000 | Number of users worldwide on the Docebo platform

  • 1,400 | Docebo clients worldwide:

  • Unlimited | Amount of learning material that can be uploaded on any plan