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Welcome to Momento Hospitality

Skillslive is delighted to congratulate Momento Hospitality on its Docebo Learning Management Platform (LMS) release, now ready for deployment.

Momento is a highly dynamic player in the Hospitality industry in New South Wales, operating six venues throughout Sydney’s burgeoning Northwest. Learning and Development (L&D) is an important part of Momento’s strategy, with a strong focus on the education and professional development of their employees in “The Momento Way”

Skillslive was able to deliver “The Momento Way” through our collaborative and consultive approach to meeting our client expectations.

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Why You Should Purchase a Learning Management System (LMS) Through an Authorised Reseller

Purchasing a Learning Management System is a huge navigational task in and of itself. The last thing you need is for someone to add a new level of complexity… right?

Say, for example, the revelation that “Our company isn’t the actual developer of this software. We’re actually a reseller.” Sound like a disadvantage? Well, dig deeper and you may find it’s the best news you’ve had all week!

Read on to find out why

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