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Skillslive Launches EngagePro Application 2018

Workforce Advantage EngagePro application delivers engagement transformations across organisations. EngagePro makes learning accessible, motivational and relevant to each individual and their operating environment. EngagePro acts as a personal on-line coach. Managers can access program information, tips & techniques, peers and mentors when they need to, wherever they are.

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Digital Education Platform & Workforce Advantage Finalise Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding brings the Workforce Advantage principles and frameworks for effective collaboration together with the Loft Group philosophy and know-how of flip, self-organised and personalised learning principles.

The initial release will be Workforce Advantage’s CONNECT™ App. This software development project will provide leaders with an innovative resource to strengthen people leadership, collaboration, relationship building and personal development skills in business and corporate environments. The smart phone application will be available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms, enabling a mobile solution that delivers educational content on the go while collecting data for analysis across the business objectives.

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