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Many organisations feel a necessity to focus on their core business activities and, thereby, find change management an endeavour that is difficult to justify. For these organisations, Skillslive offers a variety of add-on services to assist with LMS implementation. These include general and technical consultation, staff training, instructional design and course authoring. Read on to find out more about the range of services available.



Skillslive lives and breathes a philosophy of customer intimacy and is committed to discovery, originality and entrepreneurship. We will provide professional and consulting services to deliver a deeper understanding of current systems, with a clearly defined set of activities, deliverables and dates.


Instructional Design

Our authoring tool is supported by a range of content and question types, creating course material and assessments that are experiential and are exportable in SCORM and xAPI formats. If you don’t have the time to create these on your own, engage our specially trained Instructional Design team to rapidly deploy your courses. Simply send us the content and we’ll create the learning experience!



Educators, Learners, Staff, Volunteers – in fact all platform users – will benefit from tailored face-to-face seminars to equip them with the skills and knowledge to navigate and use the platform to its full potential. We travel to you for group or individual platform training.


Change Management

Responsive HTML 5 design supports the modern BYOD classroom. Cater for any device, allowing your educators and learners all the functionality of this powerful platform. Even eLearning courses adapt scale beautifully to the user's internet-connected laptop, mobile, desktop or tablet.


Business Process Mapping

Upon log-in the Learner is immediately presented with at-a-glance overview of her/his learning journey. Logical, attractive and easily understandable, this dashboard view is accessible any time from the "My Dashboard" menu item, and encourages course uptake and completion.


Custom Developments

Automated in-app notifications mean no Learner need ever miss a class. Notifications also keep users at all levels abreast of messages and can be used by management to disseminate information and announcements.