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Skillslive Edu Pty Ltd was established with a view to becoming a world-leading Learning Management System preferred by organisations with the need to disseminate knowledge based learning to a large numbers of stakeholders. Given the myriad advantages of utilising technology to reach a broad and diverse audience then the ability to create positive social change is something we that are passionate about, as we work towards influencing digital transformation. In addition to this, the company maintains Social Impact as a key Corporate Social Responsibility objective.

Current Skillslive deployments include some within the NGO space, specifically for Child Protection, as well as a variety of social impact projects such as workplace mental health, family violence, prevention of violence and aggression against women and medical personnel or support staff that provide a community service.

Where social problems exist, reporting is often a fundamental problem in that those who bear witness to indiscretion are often afraid to speak up or take corrective action. A key aim in Skillslive development is the empowerment of the individual so as to allay this fear and encourage reporting where it is appropriate and necessary for the wellbeing of self or others.

As a company, Skillslive is delighted to participate in opportunities involving digital learning projects where the learning objectives include teaching people to be socially responsible global citizens and generate long lasting change within a community or their circles of influence. We are passionate about this aim and have the resources to deploy platforms from the most basic to one which leverages a range of the very latest technologies to empower the organisation with data, analytics, cognitive computing, machine learning and tracking of the complete learning journey.


Amongst a range of social issues considered for the application of Skillslive digital learning solutions, several have been a particular focus and have eventuated in either internal projects or partnerships (for example with NGOs). These areas of focus include the following:

Child Protection

Skillslive is delighted to be making a contribution of effort and expertise to the protection of children. For any organisation that deals with children, their protection must be the utmost priority. Within this indispensable objective, adherence to policy, procedure and record-keeping is vital. These are the providers of consistency, predictability, oversight and management for the organisation

Yet, we must envision the scenario where this is not an enabler but a hindrance. Considering, for example, the deployment of staff and volunteers to a disaster-affected area, in combination with a dated, paper-based and labour-intensive system that could quite literally hold up or completely obviate the contribution of staff and volunteers, it’s not so difficult to imagine the potential for such a scenario.

Skillslive will implement the skills, knowledge and experience of its staff in the development of workflows and digital learning solutions that will free staff and volunteers with rapid, worry-free onboarding and empower administrative staff with improved record-keeping as well as big data and analytics.

The Skillslive collaborative project in Child Protection is currently in development, with the aim of rapid deployment in the interest of its partner organisations’ objectives to realise the benefits of digital onboarding of staff and volunteers from the earliest possible date.

Prevention of Aggression against Medical Personnel

Another important ongoing project for Skillslive is for the prevention of aggression against medical professionals. The primary aim of this project is to arm healthcare workers with soft skills and practical techniques to identify potential threats, control and de-escalate situations. A learner, faced with such situations in real life, will have a guide and a knowledge base to advise them on how to best proceed. To achieve this, assessment scenarios developed in strict collaboration with highly knowledgeable and experienced training providers and healthcare staff will be deployed within the Skillslive platform.

Prevention of Violence against Women

Gender-based power differences underpin the shocking - and sometimes tragic - scourge of domestic violence in our society. In spite of much social progress on a plethora of different issues over recent decades, gender-based violence remains a major problem demonstrated by staggering statistics.

Another Skillslive / DEEP collaboration that involves the deployment of eLearning to frontline staff in the hairdressing industry - very often the first people outside the home to notice any sign of domestic violence on a client. These course materials have the specific aim of providing hairdressers with a set of skills to deal with, discuss and, where appropriate, report domestic violence.


The benefits of digital application to Learning Management are both numerous and well documented. In terms of the application of technology to alleviate, mitigate or resolve social issues, similarly, the benefits are obvious. These include:

  • The instantaneous deployment of content to a worldwide audience without the limitation on scale and location that comes inherent with face-to-face training

  • Incident reporting - Empowering users and encouraging reporting, for example utilising anonymity and de-identified data where appropriate

  • Real-time access to incident reports, plus data, analytics and feedback - Available to those who need it

  • Big data - Aggregated data and metadata to help inform policy, strategic and budgetary decisions

  • Machine learning to identify process bottlenecks, roadblocks and in-field problems

  • Identifying opportunities for continuous improvement

  • Quick reference guides associated with specific topics of crisis management available to in-field users

  • Running the application on a Mobile platform (iPads, Smartphones) providing easy access to the reference guides and other on-demand material

While some people may be intimidated by the scope of organisation-wide change management, Skillslive has both expertise and experience to assist organisations through this type of transition and will assist in the complete process - from launch to uptake.