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What is a LMS?

A Learning Management System can help you to effectively deliver, maintain and track your organisation’s learning. Skillslive is a comrehensive online learning environment with tools to support rich learning experiences for individuals and teams.

Learning Management System seek to improve and enhace an organisations learning and training requirements, main points:

  • Administration – Ability to easily manage and administer learning functions including classroom, online learning, enrolments, course catalogs, learning resources and more.

  • Facilitate Learning – Expedite, manage, and build learning pathways and courses tailored to your organisations outcomes.

  • Scaleable Solution – A LMS can be utilised throughout the entire company, rather than only for the learning and training department.

  • Global 24/7 Access – Most LMS's are web or cloud-based applications that allow you to access your eLearning and training courses anywhere and at anytime.

What are the benefits?

Make learning accessible for everyone
Make learning accessible to learners no matter the device or location. Skillslive is a fully responsive LMS, so your users will get the same experience whether they’re using a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. 

Boost engagement and improve learning outcomes
Create positive learning environment and learner journeys, social learning through interactive and immersive features. Centralised learning and training delivers consistent course structure and resource material to all employees.

Track and report on learner performance
Avoid manual reporting with advanced reports and tracking features so you get the oversight needed to evaluate your learners’ development, track a users progress, knowledge gains, demonstrate ROI thereby providing relevant information for making sound business decisions and improving on the organisations learning culture.

Cut costs and improve efficiency
Learning management systems are a proven method for saving money and improving efficiency by cutting the time and costs involved with travel, admin, and materials. Choose Skillslive and you get the added bonus of lower implementation costs and reduced year-on-year spend.

Keep your elearning in a central location
With a cloud-based learning management system, you can keep everything streamlined, manageable, secure and easy to access. Integrate with your HR system or other solutions to ensure your data is always up-to-date.

Third party integrations
Reduce double handling and data duplication. Integrate with HR or CRM systems support business reporting, talent development, supplier and customer engagement. Streamline accounting processes and demonstrate impact ROI with integration into your accounting system.

Empower a social learning culture
Experience learning on the next level by enabling social learning functionality in your LMS. Skillslive LMS makes it easy to include links to social channels or forums, Take it to the next level by enabling our community channels to ensure quality content curation, peer to peer, mentoring and collaboration.

Meet Regulatory Compliance or Quality Assurance Standards

Many organisations require professional development, on demand learning and ongoing training and assessment combined comprehensive reporting to meet regulatory or compliance standards. Skillslive LMS can help you satisfy these legal and regulatory requirements.


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